How To Use Facebook To Get More Property Views

It's official! Ottawa real estate has spring fever. April kept us busy photographing amazing properties. (stay tuned for April's photo favourites).

Yellit property website tours had over 25,000 views this month from 66 different countries.

Out of those views, the average time spent on the site was 2:34 mins. Awesome! People are reading the content. 

Age Demographics of Yellit Website tours (%)- April 2011

Gender of Yellit Website Tour Viewers (%) - April 2017

As we dig deeper into April 2017 stats, there was an average of 158 website views for all activated tours.  

The top viewed property website shattered the average number of page views.  It broke over 2500 website views BEFORE launching on the MLS.

Have you ever wondered if you're missing out on a big secret? I did and wanted to know what this client did to generate so much traffic so quickly. 

#1 - 2877 Total Site Views in April 2017 -  706 Tweedsmuir, Ottawa - Jaime-Lynn Barnes, Sales Representative. Royal Lepage Team Realty

706 Tweedmuir - Presented By Jamie-Lynn Barnes, Sale Representative

706 Tweedmuir - Presented By Jamie-Lynn Barnes, Sale Representative

How did she make it happen?

Jamie-Lynn was kind enough to spend some time answering my questions to share it with you.

Greg Tilley:  "Jamie-Lynn, did you ask your clients to share your Facebook posts about their listings to leverage their contact list?  Do you have a specific way that you ask them to share?  Were they happy to do it?"

Jamie-Lynn Barnes:   "I do not ask them to share. I let them know what ads I'll be doing and If they want to share it's completely up to them.  In this case, they shared the virtual
tour which contributed to all the traffic!" 

GT:  "Do you use paid traffic Ads?  If yes, what type - boosted post or a specific ad type?  What type of targeting do you do?

JLB: "I do! I use paid Facebook advertising. I will create a post and boost it to a certain demographic  (depending on what the ad is) I won't leave a paid ad active for longer than 5 days. After 5 I'll change it to a new ad - same demographic."

GT:  "Do you do a "Coming Soon" post on social?"

JLB: " I do! That's how this listing got so much attention. I'll take an iPhone photo and post it about 4-5 days before the listing goes live."

GT:  "Did you promote the coming soon anywhere else? (sign rider, other social networks, at the office)?" 

JLB: "I don't. Normally just Instagram and Facebook paid advertising on the coming soon posts."

GT: " Did you develop new business from your social posts (new leads, potential buyer clients, CMA requests etc....)?" 

JLB:  "Sure did! I've had listings sell before via Facebook advertising and had about 5 groups of people at my open house yesterday who saw the coming soon ad plus picked up some new clients."

Yellit property websites give a sleek platform to show off the photos, video, neighbourhood and offer another channel to give content from. With websites, a "build it and they will come mindset" will yield different results than strategically generating interest by leading people to check out the listing. What ways do you generate traffic to your property websites?

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