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Virtual Staging

What's wrong with and getting Professional Home Staging photos without the monthly furniture rental fees, delivery fees or extra insurance? 


Are you actually getting pro photo's from your Real Estate Photographer? Our clients can easily point out our photography from the competition. Described as the best in Ottawa. We've photographed over 10 000 homes. How? It's what we love and all we do!



What if we told you, video doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming and you don't have to be the star? 



Meet Our Talented Team


diana proulx

Diana is our resident art expert and photographer. Her degree in fine arts gives her the expert eye to capture the right images. 


melissa tilley

Melissa is our Certified Staging Professional and handles the virtual home staging and the other digital aspects of our business.  

greg tilley

Greg is our lead photographer and total nerd when it comes to figuring out how to provide the latest coolest new tech. 

Our Yellit team is complete with our most loved helpers.








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