At YellitMedia, our goal is to make you the Realtor look like a "Rockstar" to your clients.  We never work with FSBO's as we believe a real estate professional is the best way to sell a house.  All our pricing is below - if you have any questions please Contact Us

What Are You Most Interested In?   


Real Estate Photography

The core of ALL your marketing efforts comes from great real estate photos.  We always ensure:

  • No muddy yellow smoker looking ceilings
  • All photos delivered the next morning via Dropbox
  • Websize & High Resolution named images
  • Free basic edits like sign removal

We Keep The Pricing Simple

HDR Photography: $149 plus applicable taxes.  This includes:

  • Fully colour corrected HDR photos
  • Custom Domain & Property Website
  • Analytics on all property website hits
  • Slideshow
  • Unlimited photos on the property

Virtual Home Staging

Imagine you have an uncooperative tenant, or a seller who just refuses to move anything - now imaging you could virtually stage the images to market the property exactly how you as a professional realtor know it should be.  Now you can with virtual home staging.

  • Show spaces how you know buyers want to see them
  • Respect an uncooperative tenant by not touching their things
  • 48 hour delivery time on all staged images
  • We can use almost any high resolution photo

It Cost Less Than Renting Furniture

Contact Melissa for a custom quote on your virtual staging

Digital removals are included in the price.  Have a look at our sample gallery here.

Virtual Staging Before & After

Slide the arrows in the centre of the image left and right to see how we transformed this room

Digital De-Cluttering

We know your clients do the best they can to be ready.  But sometimes we all have a different version of "ready-to-sell"

Don't let that hold back the marketing of your property.  With our digital de-cluttering service we can make almost any photo look its best.

If You Just Can't Wait

Digital De-Cluttering Pricing: $3.00 per image

Have questions about if we can de-clutter your photo?  Send us a quick email at

Day To Dusk Conversion

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Digital Landscaping

When a property needs to go the market ASAP but the trades just aren't quite done, we can fix it up for you.

  • Add grass before the sod arrives
  • Open a pool at the beginning or end of season
  • Some other stuff that goes in this spot

Make the first impression count

Digital Landscaping pricing: $3.00 per image

Would you like a free website upgrade (a $20 value) or $20 off your first virtual staging order?  Enter your name an email below and we'll send you our something something something/