Melissa Tilley C.S.E.

Certified Staging Expert

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Details are not the details they make the design
— Charles Eames

Design isn't for everyone. For me, it's a way of life. For as long as I can remember I've been creating art and playing with design. As a kid, I hung out in the sewing room of my family's artisan home decor business  (don't worry, they weren't putting me to work). I loved learning to sew and tagging along with my Grandfather to pick up fabrics. Seeing new fabric patterns and colours was my favourite part. I loved that they were always changing. 

After spending 10+ years working in corporate operations management, I moved on and have been able to merge my love of art and design with business. 

I love that we can help our clients easily have the best photos possible and stop saying to themselves "This could have been better if..." 

Our staging is for you if...

  • Your sick of having marketing photos with uninspiring vacant rooms 
  • You want to quickly and efficiently make changes that you know work
  • You have a tenanted listing and you want to pretend their furniture doesn't exist
  • You know that updates to an older home in original condition are essential
  • You know that pillows and hand towels do make a difference
  • You know that your clients expect more and you want to look like a rockstar 

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