The Winner For Farthest Listing Shoot Goes To...

Drumroll please......

This year's winner for the longest drive goes to Penny Kazsas of Paul Rushforth Real Estate!

I have to say, it was worth the drive.  One thing I should have clued in on: if a house has it's own name ("The Abbey"), it's probably something pretty cool!  

The property was an absolutely fabulous bed and breakfast that looked like a castle.  We got some great shots and did some drone footage to help show off this property!  

You can view the drone video below and if you like to see the property website head to: 

And here is the drone footage we shot:

The property is located in North Lancaster, about 50 minutes from Montreal here:


So while it was a pretty long drive, the property and the owners (who were very nice!) made the trip worthwhile!