Open House Paint Party?

Thanks to Sina Fattizzo from Royal Lepage Team Realty in Kemptville, Ontario for providing this story.  Click below to play the video!

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Here Is Sina's Story:

When I first got into real estate, one of my first listings was home in a prestigious neighbourhood.

The house itself had never been updated and the owner thought it was like Buckingham palace.  To top it off he was a very odd character.

He demanded an open house the very first weekend it was up.  No problem! This was back in the day when I was excited to put up open house signs at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning!

As open houses go, it was a successful one being that it was a constant stream of people through the house.  The bad part was the repeated feedback: the house was way over priced for the amount of updates it needed.

I had not yet in my career had to relay not just one negative comment let alone 30 negative remarks.  My heart was pounding after the open house, how I was going to report this back to him.

Do I tell him no one gave me feedback?

Do I say a couple of people said that it needed a few updates and the rest said the home was awesome? (I was clearly overthinking it).

I paced when I got home as to what to do , this was my first ever open house, I clearly let him set the price for the house and didn't want to get fired!

My phone rings and my heart is beating out of my chest! Here we go how am I going to do this!!!!

I pick up the phone and say "Hello Sina speaking "

The voice on the other end says:  "Sina this is Norm"

I say: "oh Hello Norm how are you doing" (I'm stalling)

He says to me: " Sina I have one question for and one question only for you"

To which I reply: "yes what is that?"

He says to me: "Why would you paint my dining room ceiling during the open house, when you were supposed to be watching the people going through the house?"

..... silence and long pause on my end.

"Ummm sorry can you repeat that?"  He does and I did hear him correctly the first time!!!

In my mind I'm picturing myself up on a ladder in my skirt and Blazer painting the ceiling! I said

"Norm I can assure you I didn't paint your ceiling not before, during or after the open house!”

He said he could clearly see there was a difference in the paint on the ceiling and I surly had to be responsible for it!

I wanted to throw up -  he was intimidating enough as it was and never mind how I was going to deal with the feedback issue!

How was I going to explain and defend myself with R.E.C.O. on this one!!!  I didn't know what else to say but I didn't do it and I am sorry if he thought it was me and also I didn't see anyone during the open house paint it either!

We both said goodbye and hung up the phone! He never asked me about the feedback for the house though!!!!

He did call me two days later to apologize though and stated it must have been the sunlight shining in that day made it look like it was 2 different colours!!!!!

He was a weirdo for sure that one, and boy was I happy when I finally did sell his house (at a much lower price than asked, ironically to someone that had come through the open house that day!!!  I wonder if they painted the ceiling?

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